DIY Decorative Arrow

IMG_0863We LOVE this decorative arrow!

Summer is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate it than with backyard s’mores by the fire-pit? Wrong. That’s a horrible idea if you have a little guy running around who enjoys burning the marshmallows more than eating them.

Of course I thought about the potential hazards involved with a little guy and fire when I came up with the idea, which is why I bought these super awesome (and cheap!) 30” skewers from my local grocery store. My thinking was that they would be long enough to prevent him from getting too close to the fire. True. What I didn’t take into account was that he would be wielding a 30” WEAPON with a flaming marshmallow near others and himself. Recipe for disaster.

Read on to see how I repurposed these skewers that would have otherwise been donated to the sanitation department.


30″ skewers standing in a regular-sized mason jar for scale.

You guys, at first I was SO BUMMED (for like two seconds) that I had wasted more money on stuff that wasn’t cute. Or pink. Or chocolate. But I got over it when I realized they looked like arrows.

I know. I know. Not really. Just work with me for a second. With a little zhuzhing they could be turned into decorative arrows. Who needs decorative arrows? No one.  Besides, I mean hasn’t the whole arrow trend fizzled by now? Not really, and who cares! You totally do need them and I do too!


  • Bamboo skewer (or wood dowel, just sharpen the end in a pencil sharpener)
  • Masking tape
  • Silver Sharpie marker (or paint)
  • Hot glue & glue gun
  • Feathers
  • Washi tape (or paint)


Cut the skewer or dowel to the size you want. Lightly sand any rough or splintered edges. If you plan on making several, you can vary the lengths for more visual interest.

You can also use a wood dowel. Just sharpen the end in a pencil sharpener to give it a nice point.

WARNING: Keep all sharp objects away from children!

(It seems like I state the obvious, but last night I caught the little guy trying to harpoon our dog with MY decorative arrow.  No bueno.)


Mask about a ½” from the tip of your arrow with masking tape. This is to prevent bleeding from the paint or Sharpie marker and to give you a nice straight guideline.

Color the tip of the skewer with the silver Sharpie marker until you cannot see any wood. It should look like a silver tip. Remove masking tape after the marker dries.  WOW!  That looks like the tip of an arrow.  RIGHT?



Plan your design. This is the fun part! Lay out the feathers you want to use on your arrow. (I exercised self-restraint here and didn’t use pink ones, but we LOVE pink so you’ll see that I worked it into the project later.) I chose a variety of colors that played well together from my pile of feathers. These are from the Handmade Modern line at Target.



Once you’ve laid out your design, run a line of hot glue about 1” long down the side of the skewer (at the unpainted/un-sharpened end) and begin applying your feathers, starting with the bigger ones first. Repeat this step until you have covered the end of your skewer and you are satisfied with the look.

image image

WARNING:  Keep all hot objects, especially glue guns, away from children.  (Again, duh.)


Using washi tape or paint, decorate the remaining portion of your skewer. I added pink washi tape to several places on the skewer because it looked too plain for my liking. (I told you, we’re serious about pink around here!!!)image


Enjoy your decorative arrow!  I’m using mine as a unique addition to a gallery wall.


The options for customizing this DIY arrow are endless, which is just one reason why WE LOVE THIS STUFF!


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