Simple Sweets

Finished Biscuit Donuts
You have no idea how easy it can be to make donuts at home.
We LOVE sweets!

Both of us have a gnarly sweet tooth and an unnatural attraction to the color pink.  A few years ago, Jen hosted a “Sugar Party” potluck, which was just an excuse for us to get together with some girlfranzzz and eat a bunch of sweets. (Shoutout to Mona and Cathy. Haaayyy girls!)

Another thing we have in common is our mostly no-fuss approach to life, so we both selected a handful of quick and easy options to make for the Sugar Party.  Click through for some of our ideas.

-Viv and Jen



Buy wonton wrappers.  Fill with Nutella, fold and seal the edges with water.

Nutella Wontons

Fry in canola oil until golden.  Rejoice.

Finished Nutella Wontons
These are even prettier garnished with powdered sugar, but we were too hungry to mess around.


Buy candy coating (“bark”).  Melt and dip anything you want in it, seriously…Oreos, your finger, a spoon–no judgment!  Jen picked white chocolate bark that was already tinted pink (because we’re obsessed with pink and therefore easy targets for marketing ploys), but milk or dark chocolate would be ridiculous too.

Dipped Strawberries
Dipped strawberries.

Dipped Licorice
Dipped licorice.


Fill graham crackers with marshmallow fluff.

Fluff Smores

Dip in melted chocolate (or candy coating/bark).  Scarf down 7 for quality control.  Done.

Dipped Smores


Talk about saving the best for last.  YOU GUYS. We can’t even.  Buy a can of those biscuits you find in the refrigerated section.  Use a tiny cookie cutter to make holes in the centers.

Biscuit Donuts
We got this idea from Paula Deen, before she was controversial.

Fry those babies up. Don’t forget the biscuit-donut holes*, either!

Biscuit Donuts Frying
*Biscuit-donut holes not pictured, obvi.

Roll in powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar, whip up your own fancy glaze, or even dip in some canned frosting that’s been melted in the microwave.

Finished Biscuit Donuts
We did some with cinnamon sugar and some with a homemade strawberry glaze, because PINK!

Comment to tell us if you try any of these ideas, or if you come up with anything we can add to our sweets repertoire, because you know WE LOVE THIS STUFF!

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