Fast felt balls. Could it be true?

We LOVE felting projects! So, it happened again.  The other day instead of doing something productive, I spent quite a bit of time watching YouTube videos on how to make felt balls.  I blame social media. I blame that for a lot of things.  It sounds so random that I chose to watch videos on felt balls as opposed to watching something more stimulating such as watching paint dry, but here’s the back story:  Every time I log on to Instagram or Pinterest, or anything Internet-y, someone has a really pretty rainbow felt ball garland strung across some part of their crafty home and then just like that, total case of mind control kicks in and I need to have one too.  Keep reading to find out how I fed my inner craft beast.


Felt Ball Garland
Photo via

Before we continue, just LOOK at how cute that felt ball garland is above! Here are some other adorable (ahem, addictive) projects you could make out of felt balls. Now you can see why I’m obsessed, right?  RIGHT?

Moving on…

Because I have such a DIY mindset, I feel as though paying $15-$20 (plus shipping) for 50 felt balls seems a bit high when I just *know* I can make them myself with my leftover wool roving.  (If you want to know why I have wool roving, you can check out our blog post here.)  Well, what I quickly discovered is that I can make them. IFFFFF I want to spend hours with my hands submerged in warm soapy water while rolling wet wool in my hands for what seems like days.

Uhh, that kinda sounds a bit like dishes except replace a stinky wet sponge with stinky wet wool.  Blah.  I just want to snap my fingers and make a pretty rainbow felt garland appear.  For free.  And live happily ever after with my string art.  IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?!?!?

Well, let me tell you it’s not, because in my search to find the easiest, quickest way to a rainbow felt ball garland (because snapping my fingers and clicking my heels was not working), I stumbled across this really cool blog post on Mega Crafty about a speedy way to make felt balls.

So, I decided to give it a go to see if this approach was really as easy as Mega Crafty reports it to be.

SPOILER ALERT: For the most part, it is!  Here we go!

To get started, you’ll need some wool roving, a fraction of a drop of dish soap, warm water, a small plastic container with a lid.  Here’s what my supplies looked like.  And yes, that is dark pink wool roving, jealous?!


The following instructions are straight from Mega Crafty’s blog post mentioned above and linked here again. (Why mess with perfection, you know?)  The process photos are mine as proof that I tried it and it works.

“Get a small plastic container. Fluff your wool a little by pulling it apart. (You can use just one color or blend a few together.)”

IMG_2235 IMG_2239

“Add a drop or two of dish soap that been watered down (50/50). But you really only need a drop or two or it will get way too soapy!

Also a little warm water from your tap. Then seal the container.

And shake…. and shake…. and shake. In all directions, side to side, up and down. Round and round.”

IMG_2240 IMG_2241

The first picture above is what the wool roving looks like in the warm soapy water.  The second picture is what it looks like after the “shake, shake, shake” part.  (Is anyone else hearing Taylor Swift in their mind right now?)

I continued to shake, shake, shake in all directions, and my ball never formed the delightful little round shape I was hoping for.  In this case, I’ll call it user error.  I think I used too much soap and over-fluffed my wool before starting.  My wool roving did form an oval shape–with a crater in it.  To remedy this, I rinsed my sad oval and fluffed the area where the crater was. I also added more warm water to the small plastic container to dilute the soapy concoction and placed the beginnings of my felt ball back in it to repeat the above steps.  After some shaking, the ball began to take the desired shape.  I ended up removing it and finishing it by gently rolling the ball around in my hands until it was the exact shape that I wanted.


Only 49 to go.  I’ve got this!  It’s cute, right?  Yes. Yes it is–and now we can start working on some of those felt ball projects we’ve been obsessing about, which is exactly why WE LOVE THIS STUFF!


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