Smartphone Macro Lens

imageWe LOVE this macro band for smartphone cameras!

It might have been my favorite Christmas gift from Mr. Viv last year!  It’s so simple: a rubber band with a tiny magnifying glass that you position over your cell phone’s camera lens in order to take extremely close-up photos, mimicking the macro setting on a much fancier camera.  Because it’s stretchy, it also fits pretty much any cell phone or tablet.  It’s so cute too–it’s like a little monocle for your phone!  I love the details you can capture with it, and it’s small enough to keep in your purse or wallet, so you can play amateur photographer anywhere and everywhere.

Read on to see more photos and learn more about this convenient, fun, and inexpensive gadget!


Storage:  it comes wrapped around a sturdy piece of plastic the size of a credit card, along with a little protective sleeve.
A collage of some of the “macro” shots I’ve taken. Clockwise from top left: A gerbera daisy, a miniature tortoise figurine, my dog’s eye, and a cookie. So cool!
Close-up of my wedding ring.  Look at the details captured with just an iPhone and this simple accessory!
Another macro shot of Nori’s eye.

We’re pretty much addicted to our iPhones, so we’d love to hear about any gadgets that make them even more fun to use.  Let us know if you have a favorite smartphone accessory, because you guessed it:  WE LOVE THIS STUFF!

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