How to Open a Pomegranate

imageWe LOVE pomegranates! They’re tasty, healthy and fun to eat! Plus, the little seeds (called arils) are so beautiful to look at. They’re like tiny, juicy gemstones. But, it can be a hassle to open up a pomegranate to extract those delicious edible rubies.

You may have seen tutorials that encourage you to “spank” the poor fruit with a wooden spoon or submerge it in water. While I’m not criticizing those techniques, I figured there had to be a simpler way. (I mean really, assaulting or drowning your food isn’t exactly uncomplicated.) Never fear though, because after scouring the Internet like the Google pro that I am, I worked out an aril-extracting method that is pretty foolproof.  Keep reading to see what works for me.


First, you need to distinguish the stem end from the blossom end. The blossom end resembles a flower, so that should be easy to remember, right?


A paring knife is the only tool you’re going to need. You now know what the blossom end looks like; the other side is known as the “stem” end. Cut a thin slice off the stem end. You don’t want to cut through any of the arils (like I did, whoops!), because that’s what causes the dreaded pomegranate mess. You just want to create a flat, stable surface for the pomegranate to sit on for the next step.


Ok, going back to the blossom end, cut a small cone shape around the “crown”–or the part that resembles a flower–and pop it out. A little nub might remain. If so, pop that out too.

This next part is the key to it all: You may have noticed that pomegranates have ridges or ever-so-slightly raised “ribs” running north-south between the stem and blossom ends. You’re going to lightly score along each of those ribs. Again, try not to cut so deep that you rupture the arils.


Then, gently break open the fruit along your score lines, remove any white membrane you see, and gently use your hands to dislodge the arils without smashing them.


While definitely not original, this technique is simpler and more effective than anything else I’ve tried. As I mentioned above, I think it’s the placement of the scoring that makes the difference. In the past, I’ve just scored the fruit randomly or in quarters, but scoring precisely along the ribs made for a much easier, cleaner break and fewer busted arils.

We hope this works for you as well as it does for us. Let us know if you have any other helpful pomegranate hints, because WE LOVE THIS STUFF!


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