Holiday Shopping Ideas

Awesome donut and wine journals from Juniper & Scout. Click image to visit their site.

We LOVE the holidays!  However, braving the mall or any big business this time of year can feel like sadomasochism.  Not that I’m judging if you’re into that ;).  I just don’t always find the commercial experience to be as full of joy as the holiday season usually promises.

I don’t want to brag, but I’m almost done shopping for gifts already.  So to help you out, today I’m sharing some creative ideas for places to find gifts.  Of course, since this is a mostly-DIY blog, I should remind you that you can easily make a lot of STUFF your friends will LOVE and cherish.  If you need to mix it up though, keep reading for my tips on finding thoughtful and unique gifts from small businesses.


Custom sign from blog co-author Jen’s business, Woodland Fox Designs.  Click image to visit her shop.

Here we go!

  •  First, make yourself a list.  Write down names of everyone you need to buy for, and include any ideas you already have for them.  You could even just write down their interests/favorites as a starting point to inspire you.  You might even want to use a spreadsheet to keep track of all your information.  This year, I’m using Google Sheets, because I can update from my phone or computer, and my changes will be saved.  I have columns for names, ideas, sources, prices, completion, gift wrap, and more.  I also love being able to include links in my list.
  • Support small businesses by checking out a local holiday boutique or craft fair.  You’ll find vendors with unique, often handmade goods.  The variety is usually great, and the pricing is often very reasonable, although you can probably get your hands on some luxury items as well.  I’ve seen handmade jewelry, clothing, bath/spa products, food, coffee, home goods, and more at the fairs I’ve attended.  You can just do an Internet search to find one near you, but here are some links to check out as well:
  • Search for awesome stuff on Etsy.  I found a ton of interest-specific and/or custom gifts there this year.
  • Check out your local library and/or museum to see if they have gift shops on site or online.  Here are links to some of my favorites:
  • Support small businesses. Here are some links to a few that I love.  Full disclosure, a couple of these are owned by my friends:
    1. Out of Print – gifts for book-lovers, many of which feature cover art from titles that are out print
    2. Rock Scissor Paper – my friend Heidi’s stationery/gift store; everything they carry is adorable
    3. Woodland Fox Designs – my BFF (co-author of this blog) Jen’s handmade custom sign business; farmhouse style home decor (so on trend!) and personalized name/family signs
    4. Juniper & Scout – an online version of your local craft fair; original, modern, handcrafted design; everything made in the USA; small batch production and environmental sensitivity
    5. Enchanted Leaves – cute, fun, and unique jewelry that is accessible to all; inspired by  land, sky, sea, and geeky things

I hope these ideas were helpful.  Maybe they’ll inspire you to do some more creative and thoughtful gift-giving this year!  If you come up with other ideas, please let us know, because WE LOVE THIS STUFF!

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3 thoughts on “Holiday Shopping Ideas

  1. atkokosplace December 16, 2015 / 5:37 am

    Great list. I love to support artisans. Have a happy Christmas. 🙂


  2. amywalkker December 17, 2015 / 2:03 am

    This is great!! Have a good christmas 🙂


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