Unusual Sources for Craft Supplies

We LOVE craft supplies! Ummm ok, we’re aware we might have an obsession.  But we do want to point out that you can be creative about acquiring materials for crafting.  The first photo below shows a recent purchase from a hardware store.  All those supplies cost us about half as much as the craft store items in the second photo.  We’re going to use all of them to make jewelry, so stay tuned for a post or two about DIY bracelets soon.  in the meantime, if you’ve ever shopped for craft supplies from an unusual source, let us know!



City Girls Visit Local Farm

 We LOVE visiting farms!

Jen’s little guy is already as obsessed with animals as we are.  At Underwood Family Farms, in addition to getting close to animals like alpacas, emus and baby goats (squee!), you can pick your own everything.  But don’t pick your nose.  That’s unsanitary and socially unacceptable.

Click through for a peek at my recent farm visit with friends.


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