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We LOVE clever hacks that make life easier, so we’re adding something new at WLTS!  My gal pal Alana recently came up with a fun idea to share some helpful kitchen tips here, and we’ll be posting them as quick bonus blog entries on certain Tuesdays.  (Why Tuesdays?  Because alliteration.)  We’ll keep them short enough that you don’t even have to click through for the full post.  Enjoy!

And now, here’s our first ever Tuesday Tip:  Alana has tried lots of methods for keeping a cut avocado from browning when storing it, but this one was new to her (and us too).  If you’re only going to use half of an avocado, leave the pit in (as you probably always do), and cover the half you’re saving with the empty shell from the half you used.  Then store in the fridge as you normally would.  Easy!  And the great news is, we know firsthand that this one works!  Alana discovered this herself when she took out an avocado half that her friend had put away for her one day using this method.

Let us know if it works as well for you, and feel free to share your own avocado storage tips in the comments, because you know WE LOVE THIS STUFF!

-Alana (via Viv)

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Kale Salad with Beets, Avocado, and Orange

imageWe LOVE this salad!

I know kale is super trendy, but I don’t care. I love it.  This salad is delicious and good for you!  Plus, we’ve already made a couple indulgent food posts, so we’re overdue for a healthy recipe. I was inspired by my recent trip to Underwood Farms, which is where I got all the produce for this dish except for the kale.  I even picked the beets myself!

Click through to learn how to make this light meal that’s perfect for a summertime lunch. Bonus–or not, depending on how you look at things–it’s also (accidentally) vegan.


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