Bangle Key Ring

imageWe LOVE clever ideas that make daily life easier!  Whenever I hang out with Jen, I notice that she often has to dig through her large purse to find her keys.  This is not criticism, by the way.  She usually puts her keys in her pocket, but not all outfits have pockets, you know?  Plus, as mommy to a 5-year-old boy, she needs everything in that large purse, so kudos to her for simplifying by keeping just one or two absolutely necessary keys on her key ring. Unfortunately, on no-pocket days, that means her keys disappear into the abyss.

So, I came up with this idea when I was Christmas shopping recently and stumbled on this.  It’s a bracelet that allows you to wear your keys, but unlike those generic ones that look like old school phone cords, it’s actually stylish.  Another advantage is that it’s large but not bulky, so it won’t weigh down your purse, but it will help you find your keys in the sea of lip balms and Altoids you keep in there.  Anyway, I thought it was such a smart and cute way to solve the problem of buried keys, and I knew I could figure out a DIY version.   It turned out to be an inexpensive, fun, and easy project!  Read on to find out how you can make one too.


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