DIY Aromatherapy Shower Bombs

imageWe LOVE these shower bombs!

Lately, Mr. Viv has been under a lot of stress, so I whipped up some shower bombs to help soothe and relax him. They’re basically aromatherapy tablets that you place on the floor of the shower, and as they dissolve, they release soothing vapors into the steam.  I got the idea when I remembered we used to get these Sudacare Shower Soothers all the time. We both suffer from year round “seasonal” allergies, so we LOVED the decongestant menthol vapor.  SIDE NOTE 1: If you can find those suckers, the price is astronomical!  I guess they don’t make ’em anymore, which explains the insane markup on the ones that remain.  Even before the supply/demand issues made them unreasonably expensive, they weren’t the best value though. SIDE NOTE 2: I think baths are kinda gross, so I made these for use in the shower. You can totally use these in the bathtub if you’re a bath-y person, but you might also want to search the Internet for a bath-specific bomb recipe.  I’ve seen some for fizzy bath bombs (fun!) and some that use Epsom salts, which are great for soaking tired muscles.

Anyway, a quick Pinterest search will yield a ton of results for homemade aromatherapy shower bombs, shower disks, and bath bombs. Click through to see my version, which will save you buckets of money, AND you can customize the scent/purpose to your liking!


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