No-Churn Ice Cream

imageWe LOVE ice cream!  But you already know that.  Of course, I have an ice cream maker and have made plenty of nostalgically old-fashioned custard-based frozen treats in it, but sometimes I want to (literally) whip up a quick batch of homemade ice cream without going to too much trouble.  Today, I’ll show you how to make an eggless version that’s much faster/easier and possibly equally as good, all without an ice cream maker!  What’s amazing about this method, aside from the convenience, is that it’s just as readily customizable as traditional ice cream recipes.  Keep reading for a no-churn Rocky Road ice cream recipe, along with some bonus ideas for other flavor combinations.


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Simple Sweets

Finished Biscuit Donuts
You have no idea how easy it can be to make donuts at home.
We LOVE sweets!

Both of us have a gnarly sweet tooth and an unnatural attraction to the color pink.  A few years ago, Jen hosted a “Sugar Party” potluck, which was just an excuse for us to get together with some girlfranzzz and eat a bunch of sweets. (Shoutout to Mona and Cathy. Haaayyy girls!)

Another thing we have in common is our mostly no-fuss approach to life, so we both selected a handful of quick and easy options to make for the Sugar Party.  Click through for some of our ideas.

-Viv and Jen

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