How to Make Paper Roses

imageWe LOVE flower crowns!  Who cares if they’re #basic…we don’t believe in that.  Wear whatever makes you happy!  If you’re into paper crafts or boho/festival fashion, this is the tutorial for you, because today we’re going to show you how to make paper roses you can string together to create an adorable (albeit admittedly cliché) flower crown.  And, if you’re not heading to Coachella anytime soon, you can use the flowers to make a decorative bouquet or wreath.  They also make beautiful gift toppers instead of a generic bow.  Read on for the details.


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Easy Peasy Bunting Banner!


imageWe LOVE bunting! They’re bright, colorful and whimsical. I use them for every party I throw and every family photo shoot I plan. I’ve got them draped around my little guy’s bedroom as well as his reading nook. Bunting banners make an otherwise dull space bright, cheery, and colorful without too much work. I know this is not news or rocket science. A search for “bunting” on Pinterest or Etsy will produce more results than you care to scroll through. But since we LOVE DIY, why buy a bunting banner when you can make one? Read on for the details.


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