Easy Peasy Bunting Banner!


imageWe LOVE bunting! They’re bright, colorful and whimsical. I use them for every party I throw and every family photo shoot I plan. I’ve got them draped around my little guy’s bedroom as well as his reading nook. Bunting banners make an otherwise dull space bright, cheery, and colorful without too much work. I know this is not news or rocket science. A search for “bunting” on Pinterest or Etsy will produce more results than you care to scroll through. But since we LOVE DIY, why buy a bunting banner when you can make one? Read on for the details.


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Simple Sweets

Finished Biscuit Donuts
You have no idea how easy it can be to make donuts at home.
We LOVE sweets!

Both of us have a gnarly sweet tooth and an unnatural attraction to the color pink.  A few years ago, Jen hosted a “Sugar Party” potluck, which was just an excuse for us to get together with some girlfranzzz and eat a bunch of sweets. (Shoutout to Mona and Cathy. Haaayyy girls!)

Another thing we have in common is our mostly no-fuss approach to life, so we both selected a handful of quick and easy options to make for the Sugar Party.  Click through for some of our ideas.

-Viv and Jen

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