Dragon Fruit? DRAGON FRUIT.

We LOVE dragon fruit!

Have you ever tried it?  The first time I ever tried dragon fruit, I hadn’t even heard of it before.  I was on vacation with my parents in Vietnam, and the whole experience was magical.  There were so many delicious things to taste, and all the fresh fruit was probably my favorite.  Walking through the farmer’s market, I’d spot dozens of produce items I’d never seen in the States.  Some required an adventurous disposition; if you don’t know anything about durian, for example, I strongly suggest avoiding it.  I’ll just leave this right here for you and wait…

Now that you can’t unlearn that (raw sewage?!), I’ll continue.  Other discoveries at the market were immediately appealing to the eye and the flavor payoff was just as satisfying–like the adorable and tasty dragon fruit.  Click through for a closer look.


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