How to Make Miso Soup

We LOVE this soup!

We had a rare cold snap in Los Angeles recently.  And by cold snap, I mean that temperatures dipped all the way down to the low 60s.  IN MAY, YOU GUYS.  #neverforget.  Anyway…my husband (Mr. Viv) is not a fan of soup when the weather is warm, so the temporarily gloomy conditions gave me a chance to sneak in a soup night without having to wait another 6 months for “true” winter to return.

A couple months ago I learned how to make miso paste at a workshop given by chef Bob Dornberger at Machine Project.  It was surprisingly easy (and fun!), so maybe I’ll write a separate post about that later.  Making miso soup is also really simple, and you don’t even have to use homemade miso.  You can totally use store-bought miso paste, and the end result will still be delicious!  Read on for the details.


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