Smartphone Photo Editing

I took this on my iPhone and edited it first with features built into my phone, then used some Instagram tools to get this result.

We LOVE editing smartphone photos and sharing them on social media!  Remember when cell phones flipped open, and built in phone cameras took low-quality, blurry, washed out pictures?  Now, my iPhone has a better camera than the first digital point-and-shoot camera I owned.  Luckily, there also are tons of apps to help you enhance your pictures and make the process even more fun.

I’m no photographer, but today I’ll share some of my tips for making your cell phone pictures look great without any special background or training.

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Smartphone Macro Lens

imageWe LOVE this macro band for smartphone cameras!

It might have been my favorite Christmas gift from Mr. Viv last year!  It’s so simple: a rubber band with a tiny magnifying glass that you position over your cell phone’s camera lens in order to take extremely close-up photos, mimicking the macro setting on a much fancier camera.  Because it’s stretchy, it also fits pretty much any cell phone or tablet.  It’s so cute too–it’s like a little monocle for your phone!  I love the details you can capture with it, and it’s small enough to keep in your purse or wallet, so you can play amateur photographer anywhere and everywhere.

Read on to see more photos and learn more about this convenient, fun, and inexpensive gadget!


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