DIY Leather Wrap Bracelet

imageWe LOVE this wrap bracelet!  A little background:  Jen and I probably spend WAY too much time watching Fixer Upper on HGTV.  Don’t tell her I said this, but I think Jen might be a little obsessed with Joanna Gaines–both for her personal style and her design sense.  Anyway, on several episodes, you can spot her wearing a bracelet like this, and Jen was dying for one but thought that I could probably spend a lot less to make something similar.  She was right, and if you keep reading I’ll share the directions with you!


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Unusual Sources for Craft Supplies

We LOVE craft supplies! Ummm ok, we’re aware we might have an obsession.  But we do want to point out that you can be creative about acquiring materials for crafting.  The first photo below shows a recent purchase from a hardware store.  All those supplies cost us about half as much as the craft store items in the second photo.  We’re going to use all of them to make jewelry, so stay tuned for a post or two about DIY bracelets soon.  in the meantime, if you’ve ever shopped for craft supplies from an unusual source, let us know!


City Girls Visit Local Farm

 We LOVE visiting farms!

Jen’s little guy is already as obsessed with animals as we are.  At Underwood Family Farms, in addition to getting close to animals like alpacas, emus and baby goats (squee!), you can pick your own everything.  But don’t pick your nose.  That’s unsanitary and socially unacceptable.

Click through for a peek at my recent farm visit with friends.


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DIY Felted Clothing Embellishment

We LOVE this DIY needle felting project!image

Every now and then, I have to face the harsh reality that I am a craft supply hoarder. If it wasn’t for my bestie Viv talking me out of things that I thought about “trying” over the years (most recently quilting), I would be the proud owner of more storage space than what Tori Spelling needs to store her 90210 memorabilia. No thanks.

Despite Viv’s help in getting me to dial it back over the years, I’ve still ended up with a crap ton of stuff that I “buy and try” and then quickly forget about for something new. Normally I would consider it a bad thing that “Hoarders, Buried Alive” could film an entire season based on my craft woes, but not today! Because today, my friends, I found my needle felting supplies!

And now I’m here to convince you that you NEED needle felting supplies, too.  My tutorial uses a lightweight sweater appropriate for summer, and Viv embellished a stretch jersey hoodie.  However, you can do this on any knit/jersey textile, so it’s a great project any time of year. Read on to see the details.


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We LOVE Pink Hardware

Ok, ok we’re busted. We love pink EVERYTHING, and you probably already knew that.  But did you know Sears has a whole section dedicated to pink hardware? CUTE! Everyone needs a basic tool kit, so it might as well be pink! Just a brief post to share this and say hello–have a great day! ❤ Jen and Viv

Viv’s BFF wielding a pink hammer.

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Our Take On Sharpie Mugs

We LOVE these mugs!  Sharpie Mugs

So…Sharpie mugs have exploded on Pinterest, and we’ve been dying to try this project ourselves.  In most variations, you write or draw on a mug with a Sharpie Paint pen (oil-based) and bake it in the oven to make the design permanent.  There are lots of raves and raspberries about how well (or not) this works, so we were totally intrigued.

Read on to see how it went for us and how you can do it yourself!

-Jen and Viv

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Simple Sweets

Finished Biscuit Donuts
You have no idea how easy it can be to make donuts at home.
We LOVE sweets!

Both of us have a gnarly sweet tooth and an unnatural attraction to the color pink.  A few years ago, Jen hosted a “Sugar Party” potluck, which was just an excuse for us to get together with some girlfranzzz and eat a bunch of sweets. (Shoutout to Mona and Cathy. Haaayyy girls!)

Another thing we have in common is our mostly no-fuss approach to life, so we both selected a handful of quick and easy options to make for the Sugar Party.  Click through for some of our ideas.

-Viv and Jen

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